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Celebrating Christmas With Nutella FSDU

Linking product to occasion - reminding shoppers to buy Nutella with our Christmas Tree FSDU

In 2019/20 we partnered up with Nutella to create the Nutella Christmas Tree FSDU. Our task was to create a disruptive seasonal display that reinforces the link between Christmas and Nutella, reminds shoppers to stock up, and is flat-packed yet can hold 1kg jars for several weeks. We used the display’s distinctive shape, strong branding and twinkling lights to strengthen the connection between Nutella and Christmas in shoppers’ minds. The Christmas Tree impulse display was designed that clearly linked product and occasion. Underneath the tree-shaped display exterior was a super-strong chassis capable of holding even the heaviest (1kg) Nutella jars, for several weeks.

Dressed with strong branding and a bold Limited Edition call to action, the resulting message to shoppers was unmissable: buy your Christmas Nutella now. We went all out on this one, to resemble a tree trunk, the base was kept narrow – but without reducing the unit’s weight-bearing capabilities and the top of each tree was even studded with twinkling LEDs, a finishing touch that increased standout in busy stores and drew maximum attention from shoppers.

This campaign was designed to quarter pallet footprint for flexibility, so that the display could be used alone or grouped in fours (on floor/pallet) according to store size/format; maximizing disruption and giving 360degree accessibility.

Clever cladding: the super-strong display concertinas into a flatpack, yet is quick to assemble. Fast set-up was particularly important where displays were placed in groups. As mentioned the base was kept narrow again adding to flexibility whilst keeping the sturdiness.

What our customer thought of it:

'LEDs really brought these impactful Nutella Christmas trees to life; grouped fours created valuable theatre where possible and made Nutella shoppable from multiple sides; individual modules suited space-challenged stores.'

'Heavy Nutella jars require considerable support; having display reliability/durability throughout the activation was a real plus for instore health and safety.’


  • Strength: display must be able to hold Nutella glass jars right up to the 1kg size.

  • Durability: unit to remain stable for the entire 6-8 week promotional period instore.

  • Seasonality: reinforce the link between Christmas and Nutella with a suitable theme.

  • Shopper engagement and sales: disrupt shoppers and remind them to stock up on Nutella now.

  • Flexibility: design something modular that can work in every store from smallest to largest format.

  • Retail buy-in: create a concept that store managers can get excited about, which will achieve better instore placement.

  • Compact size for distribution: ensure displays are flatpackable with a small enough outer to fit multiple displays in field teams’ car boots.

Overall the display ended up being perfect for siting alone or in groups, depending on space, the super-strong and durable displays set up quickly and performed brilliantly throughout the season, engaging shoppers & store managers alike. An amazing project all round.



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