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Case Studies


New product
New approach

Our brief

Launch Tresemmé‘s new bottle shape,  driving awareness and sales across the  whole Superdrug estate with a striking yet cost-effective display.


Tresemmé consumers are very loyal, and  their association with the brand is rooted  in the bottle design. Communicating the  new shape to shoppers was paramount.

With Superdrug stores receiving lots of competitive marketing materials and offers, this display needed to cause maximum disruption.

Our response

To encourage shoppers to connect the  new bottle shape with Tresemmé, we developed a display styled as a giant bottle. The clever design was eye-catching instore strong enough to carry heavy product, yet cost-efficient to produce. Fast and easy to set up, images printed directly onto shelves helped store staff with merchandising. The result was a strong return on investment.

tres blur.png
Unilever Tresemme Bottle FSDU POS Display by InContrast


Sales uplift on

displayed products


Uplift on overall Tresemmé sales

Creating a replica bottle as

the unit really helped to drive awareness of the NPD and catch the shopper's attention. It stood out really well, and the customer loved it too – Superdrug has been asking for more like this design!



Harvesting natural ingredients

Our brief

To create stand-out, grocer-style launch  theatre for Ribena Frusion in the convenience channel.


Brand heritage plays a huge part when  shoppers are deciding whether to try a  new product.

The ‘Greta effect‘ has had a strong influence on the target Gen-Z shopper,
so sustainability and natural ingredients are also key decision triggers. Experience also tells us that visual imagery has a greater impact than telling a consumer
to do something.

Our response

Our solution was an unmissable, high-capacity 3D tractor that stopped shoppers in their tracks, capturing the essence of natural ingredients to drive sales well after the launch period.

Space-limited stores could use the cab alone, larger stores with a matching trailer. Distribution costs were kept down by delivering the display flat-packed.

ribena tractor blur.png
Suntory Ribena Tractor pallet POS display by InContrast


Sales uplift

during promotion


Continued average sales uplift post launch

As the industry becomes more  competitive stores need to create a point of difference to heighten the shoppers’ in-store experience;

the tractor did exactly that.

It was amazing to see such a large display come to life in the Convenience channel. Definitely my favourite project this year!



Indulging in

Our brief

Create a disruptive seasonal display that  reinforces the link between Christmas and Nutella, reminds shoppers to stock up, and is flat-packed yet can hold 1kg jars for several weeks.


Shoppers are increasingly open to embracing new traditions at Christmas, including  associating this event more strongly with Nutella.

When it comes to tactical display siting at  peak times, store managers are more open to highly creative and appealing units that enhance the festive atmosphere in store and drive footfall.

Our response

Our design incorporated strong, relevant  visual cues like the distinctive Christmas  tree shape, twinkling LED lights and snowy Nutella branding to help shoppers connect Nutella with Christmas and drive sales. 

Perfect for siting alone or in groups,

depending on space, the super-strong and durable displays set up quickly and performed brilliantly throughout the season, engaging shoppers & store managers alike.

nutella trees blur.png
Ferrero Nutella Christmas Tree FSDU POS Display by InContrast


Average volume

sales increase

6 Weeks

in perfect


LEDs really brought these impactful Nutella Christmas trees to life; grouped fours created valuable theatre where possible and made Nutella shop-able from multiple sides; individual modules suited space-challenged stores.


Heavy Nutella jars require considerable support; having display reliability/durability 

throughout the activation was 

a real plus for in-store health

and safety.

Nutella Case Study
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